kanha national parkkanha national park
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NOTE: Kanha National Park is Closed for Afternoon Safari on Every Wednesday.

Kanha National Park

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Kanha National Park is located in the Maikal range, in the eastern sector of Satpura hills of the Central Indian Highlands. The name Kanha itself perhaps derives from the clayey soil at the bottom of the valleys in the region, locally called Kanhar. Another legend attributes its name to a sage called Kanva who once lived in these parts.

Two river valleys are prominent in the park's topography - the Banjar in the West and the Hallon in the East. Both the rivers are tributaries of the Holy Narmada river. Shaped roughly like the figures '8', the park comprises a total area of 1,945 sq km. This consists of a core area of 940 sq km, surrounded by a buffer zone of 1,005 Sq km. Kanha National Park is also known for successful conservation program under which population of rare Hard Ground Barasingha was revived. Park management has been appreciated from time to time for being most tourist friendly and effective conservation practices.